Our process is a unique one that sets us apart from the rest. We start with the highest quality flower and plant material. We have long-standing relationships with our growers and watch closely to ensure no chemicals or pesticides are used.

All of our plant material is tested for pesticides, mold, and bacteria. After critical inspection, the experience begins:



// Quality Control

We work with responsible farmers to grow our certified pesticide-free cannabis. We produce our oil with great care and consistency assuring no harmful additives are in the final products. We meticulously lab-test for purity.

We have carefully placed quality controls at every phase of the production process. We inspect and test multiple times, internally and through third-party labs to ensure accuracy in potency and full passes in residual and microbial screening.

We feel it is our undying responsibility, especially in a new industry pending health and safety regulations to act professionally and properly at every step of the manufacturing effort. 



// Quality Cannabinoid

Cannabinoid extraction can be performed using a number of different methods: Whether it be water, solvent, or CO2 based, the resulting product from that process is further manipulated and refined.

Primary extraction is only the first step in our overall process as we further refine and purify this resulting crude extract to ultimately provide a refined, high purity, cannabinoid extract which can effectively be standardized into our final products.

Our overall process leaves no solvent residues, introduces no contaminants + only provides pure, transparent, high quality cannabinoid based oils.



// Quality Experience

The W!NK™ production process allows for our oil to be completely free of any solvent residues or contaminants while our farm inspection methods assure the absence of other impurities such as pesticides and other cultivating agents.

Our refined cannabis oil provides a consistent base upon which we can reintroduce terpenes to give each batch of oil a reproducible yet distinctive smell and flavor.

We package our cannabis oil in our own specially made cartridges that have been designed to ensure easy flow and a reliable draw.  

We add absolutely no harmful additives:

  • Pure, potent, and highly effective
  • No harmful additives, no glycols, no glycerin, no MCT