After 12 months of careful development, W!NK, a brand designed to deliver an enjoyable and consistent experience to women who use cannabis as part of a therapeutic lifestyle, announced the launch of its flagship product line.

Designed by women for women, the family of products include sleek and discreet vapor pens and superior flavored cannabis oils for use with the W!NK vapor pens.  W!NK and its offerings are designed to fill a deep void in the medicinal cannabis industry for experiences that meet the specific needs and preferences for women.  W!NK™ products are available at retail stores and dispensaries in western states.

W!NK™. Because women care and deserve a premium cannabis experience. We invite you to experience W!NK™.


Breast cancer, the most common cancer found in women with one in eight women being diagnosed in a lifetime is a very personal cause for the company W!NK.

In early 2005 one of the co-founders had surgery to remove a non-evasive tumor (DCIS). Thankfully, no growth spread to healthy tissue and she did not need radiation, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy.  However, her own mother and several close friends have also had breast cancer over the last 10 years. They are all survivors today. The statistics hit very close to home.

Because of this, when W!NK was launched, the team was inspired to develop a breast cancer campaign to help women to be proactive about mammograms. Every woman deserves a chance for early detection.

To witness fear, lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite and the complexities of pain management amongst women with cancer is heartbreaking. At W!NK, the team wants to work together and collaborate with others to save women through early detection and help find a path to a cure.

Because we’re committed to enhancing lives, social responsibility is fundamental to our mission. We are passionately driven to redefine our industry, and to bring a healthy perspective to life with cannabis.


Our customers demand the highest quality products available, and we pride ourselves on meeting those expectations. To be legal, CBD must be derived from industrial hemp that is grown and imported from outside the United States, and must contain less than 0.3% THC content. While that may seem odd to many of us, we are still under the jurisdiction of the law. Hemp grown in the US however, falls under a very different set of regulations. According to the Agricultural Act of 2014, industrial hemp may only be grown domestically for the purposes of research conducted under a registered agricultural pilot program or academic research. In other words, hemp grown in the US is only legal for approved research purposes and may not be sold across state lines.