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introducing the first brand of Therapeutic cannabis OIL FORMULATED FOR women

EST. 2015

Washington, Oregon and California

W!NK™ is a revolution in medicinal cannabis vaping. Our products are beautiful, discrete and consistent, with essential terpene flavor profiles that are umatched in the industry. Discover our unique flavor offerings—from fruity Grapephoria™ to cool Chocominted™.

Unpackaged Wink Go Pen

Terpessence™ process

Within every flower is a symphony of aromatic notes. Our proprietary Terpessence™ process reproduces the naturally-occuring terpene molecules in cannabis to deliver superior flavor and aroma with every vape. Supercritical fluid extraction is the method of using high pressure to force a solvent through plant matter. When the solvent is pushed through the plant matter, it separates the matter precisely, allowing us to isolate only the purest cannabis oil.




Golden Apple Kush is a balanced hybrid. Perfect end of the day product and recommended for insomnia.


Blackberry Kush berry blend is an indica that gives one a euphoric high that is perfect for nighttime use.


A sweet tasting hybrid that gives one a mood lifting euphoric high. Used  for stress, anxiety and low moods.


Girl Scout Cookies with a hint of mint. High lifting hybrid that relieves pain, appetite loss, stress and anxiety.



Grape Ape is an indica dominant cross hybrid with grape flavor. It produces a euphoric high that is uplifting & relaxing.


Tropical  Trainwreck with a hint of pineapple, is a sativa dominant strain. Gives an intense euphoric high and treats cramps, pain and joint stiffness.


Tangie is a sativa dominant strain with a tangerine taste.  It provides an energetic euphoric high.  It is a good daytime strain and can treat migraines & stress.


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W!NK™ was founded in September 2016. The concept of a medicinal cannabis brand exclusively for women, grew from the simple idea that women deserve a better cannabis experience.